Does your dog hate the groomer?

Maybe it's the hours spent waiting in a stainless steel cage, or the noise and chaos of a large grooming facility. Maybe it's the over worked, over stressed groomer who has run out of patience for your dogs little "quirks."

Why not try something different?

We are Melissa and Jason of PRIMECUTS GROOMING.

We are a small, home based grooming shop, located in Bloomington Minnesota, which offers all of the same equipment and services as any other grooming shop but in a loving and completely dog friendly home setting.

We are grooming professionals, in business for over ten years, and in the animal industry for a combined 20+ years.

We strive to make the whole grooming process as enjoyable an experience as it can be for your dog. With the two of us here, your pet gets that extra person to hold and comfort them with lots of praise and petting throughout the process which includes a Hydrosurge bath, force air dry, ClipperVac cut, nail trim and ear cleaning. Extras include teeth brushing ($5.00) and anal gland expression ($10.00).

If you have errands to run or are stuck at work all day, daycare is provided at no extra charge. Your pet can either join in our group play, or if preferred, can have the couch and a lap all to themselves.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 1:00PM

Please call (952) 457-6691 for prices and availability or just to talk about your dog.

"PRIMECUTS; We are those people who call their dogs their kids."

Satisfaction is Guaranteed.


We are proud sponsors of


Minnesota Valley Humane Society


Lending Hands Project


Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8AM until 1PM     (952) 457-6691